We are a French charity organization that fights against domestic violence. Based in Paris, we are keen on working with associations in other countries. We think that by working together we will be stronger, this strengh giving us the ability to make change the world. So let’s act together in a common way to be more effective in creating change.

Our organization

Elle’s Imagine’nt is composed of psychologists, social assistants, lawyers but also of people coming from different professional fields. We meet women and give them psychological, social and judicial supports. We propose talking groups and help them to find a job. We also set up training sessions to teach professionals how to detect this violence and we organise prevention.

We are 24 volunteers: we respond, in 2016, to 2 723 first emails and met 280 new women. 887 persons – as doctors, lawyers…- and 210 young people were told about domestic violence. We work with the police, social organizations and we belong to the national number 3919.

We act for

Women who are victims of domestic violence and ask questions, want information and need help.

– Their entourage (friends, parents, colleagues) who realize the violence.

Professionals (justice, health, social) who are not enough trained and need information to better meet and advise women.

Our goal

We fight against domestic violence with courage, kindness, constancy and efficiency.

Contact us

Please don’t hesitate to email us.
We can also easily talk together with Skype.